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Women’s Fitness, Professional Trainer

“Best fashion is to have a fit and healthy body”

I love living this healthy lifestyle and even more I love being healthy. What excites me the most is sharing my knowledge and helping others. Being a Certified Personal Trainer since 1998 has taught me so many things about the differences in each of my clients’ bodies, not just in my own. My mission is to help my clients build confidence, follow their dreams and reach their goals! I can relate to so many of you in so many ways. I know what it is to feel failure and the urge to give-up: to feel accomplished and excited! We all have our own life’s journey but one thing we all have in common is a CHOICE. It can bring you up or bring you down. I know through my own journey – if you work hard and believe in yourself – that you can accomplish whatever!

I have had my own share of ups and downs. I was home-schooled throughout my life and very sheltered. I was an overweight child, “too skinny” teenager, and everything in between! I began my first job in a gym where – to get to work – I rode my bike 20 miles round trip each day. Certification as a Personal Trainer came shortly thereafter. Never really had a great example of what was accepted socially so instead, I worked hard to be the best at my job.

I started digging more, reaching, reading…just educating my self to be the best at my field of fitness. I didn’t know at the time how I would eventually get involved with fitness competitions or modeling. You probably can’t tell now but I was very shy individual and would avoid the camera or even anything that brought attention to myself. because of being home schooled I wasn’t very street smart and extremely trusting. Here I am today, definitely not shy, doing everything I thought was impossible for me.

I did my first Bikini Contest In 2012, which was huge accomplishment for me. I got my Pro card in 2013. Shortly around that time getting published as a model as well. This experience has helped me learn a lot about achieving goals and never giving up!

The best part of my job is helping others see that they too can achieve their goals! When you hear your clients, followers & fans tell you how much they have changed because of your help! Its what has helped motivate me!